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All sports enthusiasts share a common goal – to be the best in a fair play. This is where we come into the picture. As mediators between athletes, clubs and investors, we aim to create a win-win situation for all participants.


Do you want to apply as a coach or a player?

Are you searching for employees for your club (players, coaches, specialists...)?

Do you want to invest in a club?

Do you need assistance with matters regarding the solidarity mechanism or training compensation? 


No matter which option it is you are after, we will provide you with the necessary support to make it happen and assure that you will receive the best possible results tailored to your individual needs and wishes.  

Our services

Players / coaches management

Financial and legal advice

club consulting and trading


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You are an entrepreneur who wants to set-up a business in sports but lack the financial capacities, relationships or marketing skills? Become part or the Sports-Supreme-Family by running your own franchise where you profit from the network and existing staff at Sports-Supreme while making independent decisions regarding your franchise.